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Buljarica :
  • Buljarica is a small and quite place, considered underdeveloped when taken into consideration its population over the land area. Buljarica has the longest beach, 2300 meters, in Budva’s Riviera.Therefore, it is an ideal vacation spot for those who love nature and long stretch of beaches.
  • The beach is partially sandy, partially rocky (small rocks). Beach chairs and parasols can be rented on parts of the beach, while majority of the beach is free of charge to use and there is always empty spots to put your beach gear. Furthest to the left is unofficial nudist part of the beach. There are many activities to choose from at the beach: paddle boating, seadoos, boat excursions, and private boat rides.
  • During the summer season in Buljarica, there are two markets of mixed goods, few restaurants, and beach bars. Additionally, there is a supermarket about 2km from Buljarica in town called Petrovac. Also in Petrovac you will find a farmers market where besides fruits and vegetables you will find homemade olive oil, wine, and honey.
  • One of the cultural sightseeing spots in Buljarica is Monastery Gradiste, located up across the highway. The legend says the monastery was built in the eleventh century, and first time it’s mentioned in the documents was in fourteenth century.
Nearby beaches:
  • There is a pedestrian walkway over the hill that leads to the beach Lučice. It is approximately 15min walk. It is a sandy beach, surrounding with pine trees, spreading 220 meters. The beach is also accessible with a car through the town of Petrovac.
  • Petrovac beach is about 2km from Buljarica. It is accessible either with a car or the same pedestrian walkway over the hill that leads to Lučice. It takes about 30 minutes walking. The beach is known for its red colored sand. It spans about 600 meters, and has wide variety of beach activities, entertainment etc. Just above the beach you will find piazza style walk path that leads to the fortress Kastelo. Looking forward from the beach into the sea, you can see two small islands, Katic and Saint Nedjelja.
  • Perazića Dol beach is accessible with a car, and it is located about 7km from Buljarica just under the Monastery Rezevici. Walking to this location is possible and it’s about 6km walk from Buljarice, thru Lučice and Petrovac, then up above hotel “Monte Casa” continuing on pedestrian pathway through pine forest and tunnels towards the beach. It is a beautiful small beach not known to many tourists.
  • Drobni Pijesak beach is accessible by a car about 9km or 10 minute drive from Buljarica. Once you pass Rezevici place, continue on a highway towards the sign Drobni Pijesak where you turn left. Narrow and steep road will lead you down to the beach parking lot, costs 3 euros per day. The beach is about 240 meters in length, with turquoise sea color. There is a restaurant, beach bar and ability to reserve beach chair and umbrella. As well, there are parts of the beach where you do not pay for beach gear but provide your own.
  •  Kraljičina beach (beach Perčin) is located in the cove between Buljarica and Čanj beaches, only way to access this hidden gem is from the seaside, with a boat. If there’s no taxi boat leaving from Buljarica, take car ride to Čanj which is 6km away, and on the right side of the beach you will get a ticket. The beach is sandy, about 300 meters long. There is a restaurant and a beach bar, and the beach is not crowded. My suggestion is to bring your own food and drinks if you plan on going to this beach.